The Cannibal - Four Section by Allure Tackle

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The unpleasant truth is FISH ARE CANNIBALS.

Bigger fish eat smaller fish. Well ... this little fish bites back!  

The CANNIBAL is the ultimate hard swimbait. Its lifelike appearance and unmatched swimming action lures predators in. Its immediate responsiveness and mimicking capabilities entice predators to strike.

Whether you troll, mooch, jig or cast, the CANNIBAL is an ideal bait. Let it sink to the bottom or fish the surface. Jerk it causing erratic direction change. Parade it in hot or slow, taunting fish with its seductive swimming action. Troll it off of a deep line or even behind a flasher.  In a shallow mountain stream or 200 down in the open ocean, the CANNIBAL will lure, deceive and hook more fish.

The CANNIBAL can be used with scenting agents. Split rings allow easy hook swapping to meet local regulations. The CANNIBAL works flawlessly with a large single hook and swivel.


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