Although Allure Tackle was founded in January 2012, it has been in the works for a very long time. I've been developing ideas for fishing gear since I was a kid. I launched Allure with one modest goal in mind: to develop the most innovative and effective fishing gear with an emphasis on making fishing fun. Allure Tackle's spoons, flashers and flies are not just attractive to fishermen... they are skillfully engineered to attract fish. The sexy girl flashers and spoons are fun but make no mistake, they are meant to be fished and get "hit on" a lot!  Time and time again people try out our gear in fun, but quickly learn of it's effectiveness.  Each Allure Tackle product represents many, many, hours of research and design work, making this gear deadly and fun.  
I am proud to contribute to the evolution of fishing tackle and this great sport. I hope you have as much fun fishing them, as I had making them! 
Remember, fishing should be fun!
Fisherman, Designer, HGTV's Canada's Best Handyman

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