24 Piece Fly Fishing Gift Set by Allure Tackle

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We have developed a 24 Piece Fly Fishing Gift Set to celebrate the 24 days of Christmas. In addition to the original Allure Tackle Fly Fishing Gift Set, we have got together with Falvai Creative and Reel Flies to bring you a new, updated gift set  for 2018. It delivers a set of must-have flies every true fly fishing enthusiast wants. The fun starts on when door number one is opened to reveal a high-quality, waterproof fly box. Over the next twenty-three days, our lucky fly fisher will enjoy receiving a new, hand-tied, fresh-water fly everyday until his/her fly box is full. The names of each fly are printed on the inside of each open door. Flies will vary, but they are all hand made in Canada using the highest quality materials and hooks. You will also find a coupon inside to help restock your favorites.

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